Issue No. 54
May 2019 —


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If you’re one of our loyal OG readers, you might remember when we gave you all access to a custom photo pack we created with Death To Stock back in 2017.

Two years later, we are back collaborating with one of the coolest (if not the coolest) original stock imagery platform on the planet.

This time, we came together to specifically to touch on the theme of Identity: A concept that everyone interacts with.

Identity evolves. It can be conflicting. It’s messy and beautiful and confusing and inspiring. It begs the questions, who am I… and how do I want to be remembered?

Hopefully, the content in this issue that we have created for your perusal and personal use will spark something within. We think it will. Because it has for us. And while each person is uniquely different, sometimes what we experience together proves we are innately similar.

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Managing Editor

"It begs the questions, who am I… and how do I want to be remembered?"


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Death to Stock and the Shape/Shift Report created a ripping visual collection together back in September 2017. Well. We decided we wanted to do it again. The images that cover this month’s Identity Issue are available for download. Yeah— you can access the rights to use them for whatever, whenever.

Our very own Alex Tan was the Art Director and Photographer of this shoot. Click the header of this section to read what he had to say about his creative processes for this collaboration and how purposefully produced elements make each shot in this package unique.

— Shape/Shift Report x Death To Stock

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creating the perfect identity online is easy

Just be as selfish as you possibly can.

Instagram, Twitter, whatever. They’re all complex apps with their own respective advantages and disadvantages, yeah, but also like they’re all about the same thing. And that thing is: pleasing people. And rewarding you for doing so.

— James Royce, Writer

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How do you define identity?

I stopped four people on the streets of San Francisco and asked them about it.

— Rae Niwa, Writer

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we’re all a bit goth in some way

…You know who the moodiest people on the planet are, though? That’s right: goths. We’ve all felt a bit goth at some point, haven’t we? Yeah, because get moody. Goths are moody. You get moody. Anyway here’s a list of the different types of goths so you know which one to self-identify as next time you’re walking around with a frown.

— James Royce on behalf of the Team at Matte Black




meet the climate change credit card

If you are serious about limiting your impact on the environment, this new credit card might be perfect for you. The DO Black Credit Card, launched recently by a Swedish fin-tech company, associates each purchase you make on the card with the carbon footprint that expense created.

how did that coffee cup make it into the episode???

Picture this.... you have the world's attention. You have created a television show that is at the peak of popular culture. 17 million people watched your last episode during the live telecast. Somehow everyone in 2019 is talking about your show that takes place in a medieval world full of dragons and magic and knights and monarchies. Yet.... you somehow left a modern to-go coffee cup in the middle of a scene of antiquated celebratory debauchery.



042 - Getting Your Art Out There with Steph DeAngelis

So you've been posting your art on what? We sat down with Steph DeAngelis, LA-based designer + illustrator who has worked with brand like Outdoor Voices, The Standard, and Man Repeller, to speak on the topic. Tune in to hear about Steph's creative journey, and her 5 tips on how to get your art out the wild, and the brands in your inbox.

SESSIONS by Matte Black


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Chelsea Matthews


Managing Editor
Gaelan Simpson


Contributing Editor
Micah Heykoop


Aria Davis


Creative Director

Nolan Goff


Graphic Design

Ariel Irby




Alex Tan


Partner — The Identity Issue, 2019

Death To Stock







shaun singh

Co-founder of Death to Stock – I’m currently a company of one trying to do fun things for the creative eco-system. Come be internet friends with me. 

TATTOOS? Yes. But you have to come to New Zealand to see them. 

Weirdest NZ food you've ever eaten and loved. Hangi: Traditional Maori food! It involves meat and vegetables slow-cooked in an under the ground oven. Amazing.

Your most overused word/saying: Quiche. 
Currently listening to: Dissect podcast.
Next trip? Berlin. Berlin Berlin. 




Alex is a midwest native living and working as an art director + photographer in Los Angeles, CA. Too many white sneakers. Still figuring it out. 

Your muse: Frank Ocean

What do you eat for breakfast? 2 cups of coffee and 10 email replies from the weekend. Whoops. 

Skincare Regimen: Moisturize at night if I don't fall asleep on the couch first, tea tree oil in the morning.

Saddest movie you've ever watched. It's almost as if Marley and Me was made to make us all cry.

Insecurity: Feeling like I'm never doing enough, even if there are physically no more hours left in the day. 

Go to BOOZE. Any mixed cocktail with gin or bourbon on the rocks. Please and thank you.



Rae Niwa is a writer based in SF. She seeks the liminal intersections of vulnerability and power within people, art and her environments. She continues to question and discover and believes connectivity and story telling is the basis for growth and new modalities. She thrives off of the dualities of creating and being engaged within a city. When not writing, you can assume she is running or is downward dog manifesting new ideas.

Weird fact about yourself. I live in Jimi Hendrix's Red House in the Haight district of SF

Celebrity crush? Andrew Garfield (we shared a flight to Berlin and I sent him champagne!)

Spirit animal? Red Panda
Go-to nail color… Lavender

Mantra. "Life creates motion, love creates stillness. To be still and moving, this is everything."



Love to tell everyone everyone my core skill is “writing words” even though any goof can do that. Pretty good at surfing. Nice hair, too. 

Celebrity crush: Gene Wilder (RIP)

Prized possession: Copy of Grapes of Wrath signed by John Steinbeck. 

Describe yourself in three words: Radiating nervous energy.

Vice? Overthinking everything. Oh, and dark chocolate.

Favorite swear word: There has never been a moment more exhilarating in my life than when I said “Fuck” for the first time ever when I was nine-years-old.


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