Issue No. 45
— July 2018



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Introducing Shift


Since the earliest days of Matte Black, we’ve used the Shape Shift Report to provide a platform for discussion and trend reporting from rising minds in the digital space.


In spite of this, it’s long been our dream to release a complimentary physical publication that we could call wholly our own — one that was a less a platform for others, and more an expression of Matte Black’s own creative impulses and taste. 


Something that could be touched, felt, and experienced tangibly. 

Something that required participation, beyond the screen. 

Something that had a distinctive narrative and through-line.


Today, we’re launching the pre-order for our inaugural edition of Shift — our new, annual print publication. 


Inside its pages you’ll find an exploration of dreams and reality and the transitory nature of sleep. There's a little something for everyone throughout — poetry and prose, the dreamiest imagery you ever did see, a meditation, and even a dash of science.  


Like the cool side of the pillow, we hope this catches you off guard a little bit. We hope the pages surprise you and take you on some kind of journey through your own subconscious. 


With this month’s Analog Issue, you’ll find a small glimpse behind the curtain of Shift. If you dig what you see, and want a new addition for your coffee table, go ahead and hit that pre-order button. We think it’ll pair well with a warm late August day where the real world may feel just a little more dream-like. 




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kourtney jackson SMITH

Daydreams Captured

The dreamy photographer for all things Shift takes us into her dreamscape, with insights behind the ephemeral images seen throughout the issue.

 — Interview by Gaelan Simpson




what were you hunting last night?

A Short Story

“You look like a puppy dog when you sleep.

It's like you're chasing something.”

 — Nolan Wilson Goff




Fleeting Thoughts

How do you find rest? What simply takes you there? Where do you become overcome with this sweet disposition? While everyone's vision of rest may be subtly different, there's themes throughout that stitch us together.

 — The Team at Matte Black




A Sleepwalker's Story

Sleepwalking goes from terrifying to annoying to funny in that order.

You just have to wait it out for the funny part.

— Camille Dodd





Piqued your interest already?

There's more where that came from. You can pre-order Shift today. 









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Chelsea Matthews


Managing Editor
Gaelan Simpson


Contributing Editor
Micah Heykoop


Creative Director

Nolan Goff




Kourtney Jackson Smith







Kourtney Jackson Smith


Kourtney Jackson Smith is a photographer and art enthusiast in Los Angeles. She loves studying modernism and the Avant-garde and likes to consider art-making through the lens of experimentation. She specializes in shooting 35mm and medium format film and has worked with clients such as the MOCA, COS Stores, and Urban Outfitters. Her work has appeared on


Celebrity Crush: Donald Glover

Favorite summer activity: Camping near a body of water

Irrational fear: Sleeping in too late

Whatcha eat for breakfast? Granola & almond milk

Karaoke tune of choice? Dolly Parton's Jolene


Nolan Goff


Nolan is the resident storyteller at Matte Black, an unapologetic Texan, and future Survivor Castaway (he continues to put this out into the universe, in hopes that someone will be the plug). Most importantly, he is a son and a brother and a friend and a filmmaker.


Most underrated food chain: 

I think Arby's gets a bad rap. So going to throw them some shine in SSR.

Dream date: Huge fan of December 12th. And July 4th. It's a toss up. 

Where you'd live in Europe?

As far as cities go, it would be Amsterdam, no doubt. Serious good vibes and romanticism on those canals. If I'm trying to disappear, northern Norway seems like a good escape plan. 

Side hustle: 

I make movies sometimes.

Favorite color..?

I've always been a navy blue guy, but pretty into gray too. 



Camille Dodd


Born in Palmdale, California, Camille moved up and down the west coast of the United States for most of her childhood, but ended up in Los Angeles when she turned 18. She has 3 sisters, each 1 year apart from the other. They all shared one bathroom, if you can imagine. She’s called Silver Lake her home for pretty much all of her adult life. She loves going to the park with her dog Nigel, watching movies (both indoors + outdoors), and always looks forward to a glass of wine (after 5pm, of course.) She currently works as a buyer in DTLA’s Fashion District.


Spirit Animal: Spider Monkey

Drink of choice: Red wine

Pump up song: Future Islands: Seasons Change 

Most prized possession: Family Photos. 

Weird fact about you? Both my parents are twins.