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The future. Is it bright? I'm a glass half full person so I'm going to go with yes, but there are certainly moments of questioning in the world today.


One of the most frequent questions I get asked is: what's next? What's the future of social media? Of influencer programs? Of content? And truthfully, I have no clue. 


Ok, ok. Maybe an inkling. But this marketing economy we live in is changing fast every single day, and that's part of what makes me love it so much. It keeps us on our toes, forces us to stay nimble. 


In this issue, we talk about something I'm quite fascinated with: the shape of travel. The spur of adventure and wanderlust that a digital-rich culture is thriving for. We also explore how the internet has turned the world on it's head, and forced brands to crack the code of the agnostic consumer.


So dive into a small glimpse of our future, and as always: please enjoy, consume and share. 


Chelsea Matthews





Editor's Letter


"If you get up in the morning and think the future is going to be better, it is a bright day. Otherwise, it's not."

- Elon musk




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1. Converting Agnostic consumers

The birth and adoption of the internet has turned the world on it’s head, it’s driven radical innovation, formed new attitudes and shifted consumer behaviours and expectations. 

— Sarah Johnson


2. The Shape of Travel

At the core of a technology and social media driven world, our culture has one, very analog, thing in common: the desire of wanderlust. Innovative brands, apps and services are helping to fill this void by offering experiences over products, helping to fuel this wanderlust lifestyle.

— Simone Spilka with illustrations by Darcy Moore

3. The new Luxury

In an age seemingly ruled by materialism, a new trend in millennial spending habits suggests that the world’s largest generation is beginning to think quite differently about what they’re spending their money on and what it means to “own” something.

— Drea Sobieski


4. Rocky Coulbourne

Rocky Coulbourne founded his namesake label in early 2012, fusing inspiration from his love of the tropics with his love of minimalism. The goal: to create stylish, modern bikinis that can be worn on the best beaches in the world.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 10.16.59 AM.png

"design creates culture. culture shapes values. values determine the future."

- robert l. peters


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converting agnostic consumers

by Sarah Johnson


The birth and adoption of the internet has turned the world on it’s head, it’s driven radical innovation, formed new attitudes and shifted consumer behaviours and expectations. We live thanks to the internet in the information age, we can learn nearly anything, we can source nearly anything and we can talk to nearly anyone affecting the way that people consume and the services they use.


Over the last decade consumers are feeling overwhelmed by choice, they are concerned about their financial stability and they distrust institutions ranging from governments to brands. This has created a new group, agnostic consumers - agnostic, a person who holds neither of two opposing positions on a topic - are today’s paradoxical user, viewer and shopper.


Euromonitor Consumer Trends Editor, Daphne Kasriel-Alexander states “Agnostic consumers flit between shops and products in search for value and novelty, presenting a challenge for brands who want to connect with them or inspire their loyalty”.


Another significant driver of forming this new group of agnostics is omni brands, publishers and retailers. Amazon is a prime example of a brand which has become everything to everyone and has 304 Million customers (Statistica, 2016); retailer, publisher and entertainer, Amazon own the entire consumer experience. They give and allow customers to compare and rate at their disposal and due to this consumers have become less bothered about labels and recognised brands and so has remove other brands relationship with the consumer and so reduced loyalty.


So how do brands re-engage with these consumers and gain back their loyalty? The key to success after making a good product, service or piece of content is a creating a trifecta; 1. Inspiring experiences, 2. Cloud communities and 3. Straightforward interactions.


  1. Inspiring experiences doesn’t mean a multi-roomed sensorial exhibition space, but the goal for all brands should be to create surprise and delight for consumers at every touchpoint.
  2. Cloud communities give consumers spaces to connect with like-minded individuals, this is essential for brands to create a cult status.
  3. Straightforward interactions save consumers their most valuable commodity; time, frictionless use, service or purchase is treasured by consumers.


If the trifecta is strong then loyalty is guaranteed as consumers have holistic added value. Glossier, an online-only beauty startup with a fanatical following is a great example of the above in principle in play. The brands sister blog, Into the Gloss utilises storytelling to inspire consumers, it also greatly helps that the packaging is Instagram post worthy. The brand uses social media to engage first hand with consumers and encourages them to connect between themselves, consumers can face time the customer service team for help. Finally their beauty kits takes the complexity, which is the mind field of beauty regimes away, creating a two phase system of skincare and makeup and streamlines the purchasing process.

With omni power houses only set to expand into more area’s traditional brands need to up their game, begin to fight back and rebuild relationships with their consumers. Perhaps they could be bold and remove themselves from other retailer stores, streaming service or media outlets, forcing consumers to go direct to them. Perhaps they can work with omni brands to have more control over the experience of their brand in others spaces. The answer won’t be simple but agnostic consumers can be converted they just need to be treated to the trifecta.

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Sarah Johnson

Founder of NOUS, an insight specialist collective, previously Insight Director at Protein, Sarah has a multidisciplinary background combining fashion and product design with strategy and consumer insight. Her work combines research and analysis of culture, consumer, lifestyle and design trends to inform future focused strategies. Follow her on Instagram @nousinsight and @sazzlej100

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Drea Sobieski

Drea Sobieski is an Los Angeles based marketing consultant, digital strategist, (and millennial). You can find her @elsewhere.

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Simone Spilka

Simone Spilka is an editor, writer, meditation facilitator and traveler living in New York City. She feels the most alive when she is alone in a foreign city. Her next venture is a flower delivery service by bicycle servicing Brooklyn on Sundays.


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Darcy Moore
Darcy Moore is a graphic designer from California, who is living and working in New York City. She has a background in digital product design and enjoys illustration and well designed magazines both on and off the internet. She is co-founder of 3xStudio, a three-woman design collective based in Brooklyn, New York. Follow her on Instagram @darcymoore.


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Rocky Coulbourne

Rocky Coulbourne is a Los Angeles based, New York City born clothing designer and founder of Coulbourne. What started as a women's bikini collection has now transformed into a lifestyle brand with a mission to portray the "perfect girl" and her passion for adventure and travel. Follow him on Instagram @rockycoulbourne.


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