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A year ago I wrote the editor's letter for the first Creative Process issue. I argued that creative process was an art and not a science, and that someone had to combined their inner creative and inner engineer to make something that works for them. I still stand by this.


What I would like to add here with a year to reflect back on is a third ingredient: the outside influence. A completely internalized creative process can work well for you, and it is untested.




Over the last few months I have been speaking to other agencies to pick their brands on how to best navigate a growing business. No two answers have been the same, and more than anything it has put in to perspective that success can be found any number of ways.


So with no silver bullet or winning formula readily available, I urge you to still trust your inner process, but listen to those in similar positions to your own. Take advice. Try it out for yourself. Tweak it. Implement it.


Hopefully you can glean a few of those ideas for the articles we have for you here.


Enjoy, consume + share.



Contributing Editor




Editor's Letter


“i've never been a very prolific person, so when creativity flows, it flows. i find myself scribbling on little notepads and pieces of loose paper, which results in a very small portion of my writings to ever show up in true form”

kurt cobain




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Design studio Soiree du Jour takes us through the process of creating their newest collection, the 'Lets Do This!' kit. 

— Diane Lindquist & Brittany Backos




The title says it all: all you have is process. Professor and artist Guillaume Wolf takes us through the importance of this mantra.

— Guillaume Wolf




Logos. Everyone has them. But what goes into creating them? We'll hear from one designer who gives us a step by step breakdown of what you'll need to create a logo that sticks.


— Gwen O'Brien




This Los Angeles based artist is painting the town pink with his signature 'sex hue'. Step inside his mind with this creative piece, literally handwritten by him.


— Weston James Palmer





Some of our favorite instagrammers dig into the archives of their feeds and see what’s changed with their content.



This month, we made stuff with our hands: snapped photos, painted them, and then remixed it all. Check it.




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My wife actually introduced me to Guillaume’s work. She was reading You Are A Circle and would stop every few pages to share with me something that inspired her. If you haven’t picked the book up yourself, I recommend you read it and that you buy it as a gift for any creative in your life.
— Editor's Side Note


                              —GUILLAUME WOLF


❝every time i'm asked by my students: "if you could only teach just one thing about creative process, what would it be?", i grab a MARKER and I write on the big white board:


"All you have is your process". 



This little sentence, that looks so easy to dismiss, is the most potent concept I know to create long-term success. It’s a living mantra that explains so much, . . . it’s really mind-blowing, actually. The reason why it’s so potent is that every form of success (life, or business) is never an accident. Your success is always the byproduct of your everyday process.


Your process is what you’re doing at this very moment to grow and expand simultaneously in three areas: your vision, your skills, and your business. 


And here, the critical mistake most creative entrepreneurs make is to only focus on one aspect only: their business—without simultaneously taking care of their vision and skills.


For many, starting a business looks like this: You have some skills, and a vision of what you can do, and you decide to grow a business around it. You launch yourself into your marketplace and work extremely hard on your business (because you need to get a financial return on your efforts). If your initial skills and your vision are good, things will work—at least, at first.


But as you will find out, business is hard and always full of surprises. In addition, if often takes 5 to 10 years to build a solid business. And the problem is as follows: By the time you hit the “sweet spot” (let’s say the 5-year-mark) and your project has taken off, something is missing. If you have not grown your skills and vision simultaneously—it’s very likely that you might not be as relevant as the newcomers in your industry.


When you study this as much as I do, it’s a constant pattern. This is why you always hear the “pros” in every field rants in unison: “It used to be easier! There are all these new guys coming in and disrupting our field, . . . I don’t know what to do anymore!”


This conundrum is one of the core reasons why most businesses fail. By the time they should be ready for success, they have become outdated. Yikes!


You see, we all know that life is change. Everything changes all the time. But it’s hard for us to actually embody it. Sure, when we’re young, it’s fun to learn new skills as we grow along with our friends. But once we start getting comfortable . . . why bother?


But this sweet, mellow, all-so-human habit of being cozy is . . . not that sweet. It’s more like the black plague, really. It’s scary and bad. When you stop growing, and live in the delusion that you’re still great (without doing the work to keep growing) and it’s over before you know it.


But guess what . . . There’s a way out of this maddening spiral. Ready?


Here’s what I have for you: Clean your wall of every positive affirmation, postcards, old post-its, and who knows what . . . Print (or hand draw) a piece of paper that says: “All You Have Is Your Process”



Meditate on this daily: What does it mean for you? What’s your process today? Because remember: “ALL YOU HAVE” (that’s everything), “IS YOUR PROCESS” (what you’re doing right now).


Now, here’s the secret to using it, now that you have this in front of you, try this little exercise.


Every day, in addition to your regular work, take one extra hour to:


1• Do one thing to grow your business (sales, promotion, administration). Experiment with something new that you’ve never tackled before. For example, list all the new possible ways (online, and offline) you could promote your business. Pick one, and start running little tests. Start small, experiment. See what happens.


2• Learn about one new skill you could use for your business (yes, one of these skills that seem scary but are not). Which skill? From bookkeeping, social media, website programming, 3D modeling, leadership training, to public speaking . . . It’s that one skill you need, in order to grow—you know the one. It’s this one thing you’ve been putting off for years. Just go for it. Need some help? Find someone to teach you about it.


3• Get inspired by one visionary idea (even something that’s outside of your industry), a concept that forces you to think outside of your comfort zone. Ask yourself” “What if I could I implement this in my business? How would I do it?” Be curious. Challenge yourself with new ideas. You don’t know where to start? Check the little TEDx presentation I gave recently: “How to Create the Future,” —I promise you will not be disappointed. 


That’s it! Three little steps, every day. I promise that if you’re willing to experiment with this, it can be a game-changer for you. As long as you are, every single day, working on your process (even if results don’t show up immediately—hint: it takes time), then you’re good to go. Why? Because you’re growing.


At the end of each day, simply ask yourself, “Did I do something today to contribute to my process?” When you want to splurge and spend your hard-earned money, ask yourself: “Would this contribute to my process?” When there’s a new “opportunity” showing up, ask yourself: “Is this part of my process, or a just a distraction?” etc. 


In that sense, “All you have is your process” acts as a guiding voice in the everyday. It challenges you to think long-term. It challenges you to be smart with every decision you make. It challenges you to grow. 


This practice (when applied daily) will propel you into a sweet spot called “evergreen growth.” And evergreen growth, my creative friend, is a lovely place to be.






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"IT took me four years to paint like raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child."

— pablo picasso

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"Prof G" is a brand consultant and teacher at Arts Center College of Design. He is the author of "You Are A Circle" and "You Are A Message." To download a free sample of Prof G's books, check out


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