Win Your Next Ad Campaign with Facebook’s Creative Hub

Win Your Next Ad Campaign with Facebook’s Creative Hub

By Jacob MarRero

UPDATE: Facebook now allows you to “import” your mock ads into an ad account that you have access to! We have edited this article to account for the new changes made to the Creative Hub below. The new updates pick up right after the creation of a mock ad at the end of the article.


Back in November of 2016, what seems like a century ago now, Facebook launched the Creative Hub with a simple purpose.


“We designed Creative Hub to be a faster, easier way to produce ideas that capture attention and delight people where they're spending their time—on mobile.”


At Matte Black, we appreciate a tool that allows us to be more creative and more story driven. To access Creative Hub , you do need to have access to a Facebook Business account which is free, if your brand/agency/client doesn’t have one yet. For more info click here. Back to Creative Hub, it allows you to create mock ups in every ad format that Facebook offers. After you have created that mock up, you can send it to your mobile device and test the functionality and feel of your ad. Even if you aren’t thinking mobile entirely, you can see full mock ups of what potential ads will also look on the feeds too.


So let’s dive into Facebook’s Creative Hub and see what we can do.


Home Page

Here is the Creative Hub home page. From here you can jump straight into a mock up (or draft of your ad), get inspired by some of the best Facebook and Instagram campaigns Facebook has seen, check to see if your image has too much text, and manage your mock ups. If you’re creating mock ups for a specific client make sure to check which ad account you are in, in the top left corner.


Facebook’s Major Ad Format Categories

The first thing you are presented with is after the homepage are Facebook’s four major ad format categories. Interactive, which uses a sequence of images and videos to tell a unique story or message, like Canvas or carousels. Video, which allows you to use video link ads, 360 videos, and slideshows. Image, which focuses mainly on a larger image format that allows for a more inspirational message. Lastly, Instagram, which has each category but embedded into the Instagram platform. You can scroll through each category and the ad formats within each one. We suggest playing around with a few, however, formats like 360 video and Canvas require a little more development on the creative side first.


Get Inspired

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to formatting your ads, why not get some inspiration? If you click onto the “Get Inspired” tab, you can browse through some of Facebook’s best creative campaigns. Using the left hand side you can filter through the different formats and explore the campaigns. You can also have the campaign sent to your phone to see how the campaign came to life on mobile. Their most recent update now includes the Instagram Stories ad format as well!

From Canvas and Instagram Stories to Carousel the Creative Hub has a wide range of well executed campaigns to get inspiration from. We personally really love this Harley Davidson Carousel campaign.

To have a campaign sent to your mobile, click on the “Send To Mobile” button to the left of the individual campaign. You do have to be in the campaign view mode and logged into Facebook on your mobile. It will then send you a notification to view it on your mobile device.



Image Text Check

The next really helpful tool is to find out how much the copy on any asset that you want to run in an ad will affect said ad. Previously, the Image Text tool helped brands know if their ads violated the “20% Rule” where an ad would not run if more than 20% of the image was covered with or contained text. Now it serves as a judge placing your ad on a scale from “OK,” where your ad will run without any effect to its reach, to “High,” where an ad might not run at all.


Ad Walkthrough

Now that you know some of the other functions of the Creative Hub tool, let’s walk through creating your mock up, the real reason we need the Creative Hub!


First step, hit the Home icon to get back to the Creative Hub home page. From here we will start to create a mock up. Once on the home page, click create mock up in the top right corner.


You will then be asked to select a format. We suggest starting off with a traditional Facebook Website link ad. That is what we will be walking through in this article and is the simplest ad to run (outside of boosting).

Once you have clicked on an ad format, it will take you to the page below. From here you can upload a logo, company title, copy, image, everything. We will walk through step by step and see what our finished product looks like.

Each mock up is an individual file that you should label, especially if you are going to be sharing these mock ups with other people or need to compare different ads. Next you would drop in your page name and page profile picture. Your profile picture needs to be a small square, Facebook recommends 180 X 180 pixels. We suggest just grabbing the one off of your Facebook page at the moment. Next, drop in an image that you would like to use for the ad.This ad format does allow you to crop the image if you need. Remember, this ad format requires a more landscape image. The Facebook recommendations is 1200 X 628 pixels.

Once you have your visuals all laid out, next is the text. The text box in the ad content section is the copy that would go above the selected ad image. This is the first of three major copy components to the website link ads.

Next, we would drop in a website URL that you want this ad to drive to. For example we are dropping in “” One thing to notice is that Facebook immediately pulls in copy from the site that you are linking too. We don’t suggest using this copy for your ads as they are usually random header and website copy that would not do well.

After you drop your website URL, focus on your headline and link description. The Display URL field is optional and not really necessary to change, but you can do some fun stuff with it if you’d like. Your headline is the attention grabbing support for your image, arguably the most important part of your ad after your image. People will generally see your image and headline, then if they are compelled by that, they read your text. Your link description should act as support copy for the who, what, and why of your brand or service.

The last thing you need to do is choose a call to action button. This button goes on the bottom right  corner of your ad and helps drive traffic through the ad. We picked “Learn More” for our ad, but you have several options to choose from, such as “Apply Now,” “Contact Us,” or “See Menu.”

Now that you have everything filled in and if you feel good about it, save it!

Now that it is saved, you can share it with others!

If you drop that link into your web browser, it will take you a simple preview page where whoever you shared it with can see a desktop and mobile version of the ad:





From here you can also send to your actual mobile device to see it natively in the Facebook app. Once you are done with your ad mockup you can click on to the Manage Mockups tab in the Creative Hub and see any ads that you have created. In the “Manage Mockup” section, you can duplicate, delete, and find the URL to share with others.

Well it turns out that Facebook had plans all along to connect the Creative Hub to the ad creation process all along! Who would have guessed?! So we have naturally updated this article to pick up where Facebook left off with their new updates!


After creating a mockup in the creative hub, you can now “import” that ad into an ad account that you have access too or you can share it with someone. This process does take you through the Power Editor and not ads manager, but it’s a fairly simple process. Since most of the hard work is already done in Creative Hub!


So the first step in importing your new ad is to go to your “manage mockups” tab in the Creative Hub and select the ad that you want to import. A little window will pop up above the ad.

Once you click on “Deliver Ad” another window will pop up and prompt you with a link that you can share with anyone, a link to open this mockup in a new window, and the “Delivery” button that turns on the ad purchasing possibility.

If you click on the “Delivery” button, it enables you or anyone you share the link with to purchase that ad. This sharing possibility is super awesome!! Especially for someone who might be an freelancer/creator who then can just send these ads to the client to purchase and run in their own ad account. They just need to be signed into their Facebook account that has access to an ad account/business manager.

You can either send the link or you can click on the “Open in new tab,” which will drop you here.

This is the ad preview of your mockup in the desktop news feed version. Above the ad is a dropdown menu that allows you to select an individual ad account that you can then “import” into.

Once you select on an ad account to import it into you will be prompted by this button.

Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with Power Editor, it’s just the ads manager on steroids. Plus, you have already done most of the heavy lifting in the Creative Hub. So click on “Open Power Editor” to see your mockup in your ad account.


It will then drop you here!

Yay! You can either select the guided creation, which is how most ad creation is done in the Ads Manager, or you can just select campaign, ad set, and ad name information. Mind you, you might want to edit the ad set and make sure to apply the appropriate budget.


After that you’re done! Congrats on turning your mockup into an ad! We are very excited to use this new tool and will see how it impacts our routines and ad creation process. We think there is a lot of potential here with the new sharing/delivery function!

We hope that you found this walkthrough helpful and would love if you shared it with those who would find it relevant! We appreciate you for supporting the Shape Shift Report.


Feel free to share any super creative ads that you are able to create with the Creative Hub tool or reach out if you have any questions!


With love, from LA



Paid Media Specialist, Matte Black