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By The Team at Matte Black


What represents culture today more than the relevant slang lingo that we toss around? Not much, really. 


We hope that the terms listed below stick with you.

We hope that they make you feel more "with it."

We hope that you decide to try one out this week.

We hope you use everything here in the right context so you don’t wind up the your looking like plug.*


Feel free to send this to friends, family (mom? dad? .... NANA?) and those whom you think would not only benefit from this pocket book, but relish in the glory that is 2018.


*see definition no.4


LET'S DIVE IN, LADieS & lads.



To acquire something that was difficult to get. Think waiting in line for Supreme or Palace or Off-White or whatever. Can also be used to describe someone who derives pleasure from killing any sort of joy. Imagine someone who is so fundamentally boring because they refuse to take a single step or short stroll outside the boundaries of society. “James didn’t even have a goth phase in high school he’s such a cop.”

Photo via  @FourPins  on Twitter

Photo via @FourPins on Twitter

Photo via  JourneyMadison

Photo via JourneyMadison


According to my sources: It’s a positive affirmation.


Friend: “Liz let’s hit the dispensary”

Liz: “Bet”



"no cap"

"No cap" can replace the following actions/words:

  • An overall affirmation

  • "yes"

  • no lie

  • honestly

Example sentences below: 

"She kinda bad, no cap"

"Last night was tight, no cap"

"This Malbon Golf line is pretty fresh, no cap"

A real screenshot via Liz Burton from Matte Black. Note: “Chad” is NOT a person. It is another slang term that essentially means, your average frat boy/hipster.

A real screenshot via Liz Burton from Matte Black. Note: “Chad” is NOT a person. It is another slang term that essentially means, your average frat boy/hipster.

Photo via  BuzzFeed

Photo via BuzzFeed



(to clarify, not "thee plug" - THE plug MEANS "the "connection" - AKA THE GUY WITH THE AUX CORD)

The biggest pile you know. This is a person who is so deep in their bacchanalian descent they’ve reached the point of no return. Don’t be this person. You want to oscillate in some quiet space between having too much fun (e.g. those folks who somehow manage to drink so much on a Thursday night that their local hospital knows them by their first actual name and has a colostomy bag with that name on it, ready to go, in the emergency ward) and having too little fun (someone who decides to literally have a sober night on Friday “so I can appreciate Imagine Dragons more”). That is the spectrum. Those are the extremes that you must find a balance within. And if you go direct to the former? Well, then you’re a: plug. Don’t be a plug.

Photo via  E!News

Photo via E!News



"Okuuurt" is the signature sound that Cardi B says in replacement for the commonly used term, “okay.” Usually said after a spitting a rap line, or casually (confidently) after voicing a weighty opinion.

This word is known as a "Cardi-b-ism." If you want an audio/visual reference to really get it, watch this





When you’re iced head to actual toe out. Just another word for immense swag.



Photo via FourPins

Photo via FourPins



Someone who is a beginner. Usually used when referring to someone who is just starting off in some form of sport. Not necessarily a bad thing. You’re not a bad person. It’s just, you’re new. You could be better, couldn’t you. You have all the gear. You’re ready to go. But, it’s just, you know, you’re not good quite yet. You’re working on it. You’re a punter. It’s fine, really. It’s fine. You’re just a bit of punter now is all.




Has nothing to do with someone telling the truth. Used to describe someone who is quite frugal either out of necessity or by nature. That person who brings a brown rice bowl into work every day for lunch and you’ve never actually seen spend any actual money? Honest.


Photo via  Tumblr

Photo via Tumblr

Photo via  Imagur

Photo via Imagur



Think of that largest person you know or have seen. Think of The Rock. You absolutely would not mess with The Rock. The Rock is un-messable with. I feel like I could drive a van into The Rock and he’d just be mad. Like: entirely uninjured. Driving a van into The Rock actually makes him stronger. And I’m just there, shellshocked from the explosion of an airbag in my face, and The Rock has wrenched the van door off — and this van is rented, so I’m not getting my deposit back now — and also he is mad. That’s how I die. That’s how I want to die. The Rock: absolute unit.


A feeling of extreme fatigue that results in emotional instability. Basically when you’re just feeling and acting like a complete waste of a human. A step above being torched. Can also be used to describe something that is seen as unnecessarily intense or over-the-top. Heavily used in surf and skate circles.

Photo via  @mrreptoid

Photo via @mrreptoid

Photo via  KnowYourMeme

Photo via KnowYourMeme


Basically, anytime you are going anywhere. To an event. A dinner party. A smokey gathering. A liquid gathering. Kids these days are referring to get-together's as "functions." 

Used in a sentence: 

Liz: Hey, J, ya wanna hang tonight? 

J: Nah, I can't. I have a lil function to go to. 




Another word for a surprisingly good tune. A really really good song. This term is being ressurected from the 1950s.


Used in a sentence: 

*a feel-good song starts randomly playing on the office Sonos*

Brandon: Oh damn, that's a "bop"




Rhymes with "pawn"

An item of clothing. You cop jawns. Enough rare jawns and you now have drip, the ability to get others drip you are now the plug. You're the plug you're at every lil' function and getting called zaddy looking like an absolute unit.