Michaela d'Artois

Michaela d'Artois

Los Angeles


What's your 9-5? Or let's be real, your full time hustle.

My full-time hustle is a mis-match of a few things. I run the online publication Vérité Published, as well as hustling as a brand consultant for lifestyle and fashion brands, and just newly I am the creative director of Vérité’s little sister brand Shop Vérité.


Tell us about Vérité, and what inspired you to start an editorial site.

Vérité was born out of frustration for the content I was seeing being fed to women both online and in print. My breaking point was during a layover rifling through magazines at an airport and coming up stunned at the call-outs on each cover. I decided I couldn’t see another ‘best jeans for your butt’ without going insane. As women we are so much smarter than that — I decided then and there I wanted to create a publication that provided free education for women all over the world, in a manner that spoke directly to them and interested them. I thought back to a younger version of myself and wished she had access to more content that brought the world to her, and let her know there are so many different directions your life can go — you need to find your own truth. And that is Vérité: it is the French word for truth. We are providing the information and allowing women to make their own rules, create their own lives. I want girls, and women to know that being smart is sexy, your brain should be just as well curated as your wardrobe. 


What were you doing before then?

My background is in fashion journalism, and before I took on Vérité I was working in house at a print publication that sadly folded, and before that with Refinery29. All these outlets taught me so many different, amazing things about editorial, and content — I sort of plucked the best lessons from print and online to form how we run Vérité. I guess it’s sort of a hybrid, online format, print sensibilities.



You're launching a new collection, Shop Vérité, so exciting! Tell us a little bit about it. What sparked this new venture?

Yes, I’m super excited about it! In the same vein as Vérité’s philosophies I wanted to create a line for women that empowered their wardrobes. I always say that Vérité is for the girl who is her own muse — and that’s what the collection stands for. It is the canvas on which to write your own story. It isn’t meant to be the only place you shop but rather it’s where you find the essentials — at a price all women can take part in. The whole thing was sort of sparked as I realized women I came across were constantly asking me how I packed so lightly in my travels, and how I maintained looking put together even when stumbling off an airplane. The collection is made up of the everyday essentials in my own wardrobe that accompany me to wherever I travel — it is effortlessly chic worldwide. You know, my favorite part of my job is getting to tell the stories of women that inspire me, and this is just a new outlet to do so. Shop Vérité isn’t just about my story, it’s about the stories women tell through their wardrobes, and as our customers purchase and wear, we will tell their stories through our social media outlets as well to inspire others. 


What do you think is next for the creative industries we work in - content, digital, fashion, etc.? Where's it heading? 

I truly think that in all of the creative industries we are getting to a point where the conversation between purveyor and public is so open — with social media for example you can create these direct, organic relationships with your customers. I think the days of the hyper-removed-board-room-marketing-meeting where ‘they’ tell ‘us’ what we need are over. I think as these outlets grow, content — both visual and written — will become more conversational — resulting in more authentic, open dynamics. 

I also think that because now everyone has the ability to be an authority via their social outlets, they have a platform to thrive from. Models no longer need to be signed to an agency, fashion designers can become Instagram famous and build a namesake label like never before, and artists now have more control over how they show their work and even how they contact potential buyers. I think this is a beautiful thing that is unhinging a lot of the old establishments and rules of the creative world, I hope it continues. I love seeing things shaken up a little.



The theme of this issue is "Resolution" - do you have any resolutions of your own? Could be personal or professional, or both!


I think this year my resolution will truly be to get more involved. Vérité is all about growing a strong community for women and I want our community to step out from behind the various screens and get involved more IRL. If anyone reads this, and it sparks any ideas — get at me!


The theme of our last issue was Creative Process. Do you have a process that gets your creative juices flowing?


I would say there are two ways for me to get my creative juices flowing (aside from mass amounts of coffee of course). One would be to get out of my element. Any time I find myself headed somewhere new, and out of my comfort zone I immediately have endless amounts to lay out on paper. I always make sure to have a notepad and pen with me when I board a plane because my ideas literally just start spilling out.


The second would be when I’m not able to flee my reality, I take what I call a zen shower. It’s my version of meditation. I sit in the bottom of a hot, steamy shower and close my eyes, and work over the issues at hand whether they are personal or professional. Without the ability to reach for my phone or another distraction it’s a great place for finding focus. It also pulls from the shower theory — where in a relaxed state your mind allows you to open up, and maybe see things differently. Don’t worry I am very conscious about water, I make sure I’m not down there for too long. 



Someone to follow on Instagram? Or Snapchat?

I don’t use Snapchat, but I’m such a visual person that Instagram is an ongoing outlet for inspiration. I would say follow the account @paridust. I honestly wish I had thought of it first, but it’s essentially a fashion blog that integrates contemporary art. She highlights amazing artists and designers through her visual documentations. 


Fun question - if you could switch lives with anyone for a week, who would it be and why?

Oooh, this is such a good question. I think I would have to say Carine Roitfeld, former editor-in-chief for Vogue Paris, and current founder of CR Fashion Book. The reason I choose her is that she is for one my ultimate idol — her work speaks to me like no one else’s. But also because her career path has been very much in the traditional world of print magazines at their prime, when photoshoots had insane budgets, and luxury fashion houses were soaring — I would love to have her insight and knowledge for the day, but also access to her closet.


What can we expect from you in the next few months?

Well… you can expect for me to be shoving slip dresses in your face via the new Shop Vérité collection, and some really exciting projects from Vérité as we start to venture more into video content in 2017 with some very inspiring women!