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Pop Up Hacks


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Kylie Cosmetics Pop Up

Kylie Cosmetics Pop Up

There is a lot that goes into making a pop up successful. In 2018, Self Employed, either produced, designed, staffed or operated over 12 pop ups for a variety of brands ranging from direct to consumer make up mogul Kylie Cosmetics to Ember, creators of the first ever temperature control mug. Along the way, we have learned a thing or two about what makes a pop-up retail installation successful.

1. Get Your Ducks in A Row.

A winning pop up comes down to the preparation and thought that’s put into every touch point of the consumer experience. Consider everything from tactics to draw the consumer inside, how the product is merchandised, how informed the staff is, to a check out process that utilizes the latest technology.  Overall every detail counts to conclude a pleasurable experience and encourage customers to share that experience— the ultimate advertisement for the pop up. 



2. Give them Something to Do.

Yes, they are hopefully there to shop, but customers should also to be entertained. Aside from buying product, successful pop ups offer customers a must-share experience. Offer an engaging, customized activation. Debut exclusive product. Premier new content. What can they do (or get) here that they can’t anywhere else? 


3. Looks Count.

Make your space stunning! Give consumers a reason to capture their time there by providing a photogenic environment that hasn’t been done or seen before. Think like a museum curator and offer an opportunity for discovery! Having something truly special to capture not only promotes organic content creation but motivates consumers to post their pics, which is driving your own brand awareness.  Oh, and don’t forget to include handle and hashtag signage!


4. Can I Help You?

Staffing is so incredibly important for a pop up to be successful.  A customer will either walk away better or worse by interacting with your store staff. Make sure they are trained on the product, have a friendly disposition and are prepared to anticipate and solve for any customer needs. They are the living representatives of your brand – do not overlook the importance of this.


5. Location. Location. Location.

Make sure you are located in a well trafficked, brightly lit space. If your brand lends itself to destination shopping then consider where customers will park, how they will get to you and why your location will entice them.