Creative Process Feature - Helena Yueh


By Helena Yueh


The creative process is often defined as an individual's mental energy and rhythm that generates new ideas. And is held to a sacred standard that must be respected. Any interruption could be detrimental to the work. But how about when this process is upheld by multiple people? Or when a creative process is being driven by a budget and schedule?


“If we don’t lock by Friday, we are not going to meet our ship date.”

“Never going to happen within budget.”

“Did you see the client’s feedback?”


As a film producer within the advertising industry, these words often are on repeat - budget, deliverables and timing. And for obvious reasons a total buzz kill. Advertising is an intricate dance between art and business. The work is reflective of personal visions, inspirations and becomes very personal. And the hardest part might be all the time and effort that might go into writing scripts, re-writing scripts, editing, not being able to license the perfect track and late nights editing, and then feeling like it goes to waste after the clients ask for changes.


But rather than letting it crush your artist soul, think of it as a way to flex your brain muscles. Creative problem solving is just as much part of the process and routine. And in order to optimize the workflow, consider feedback as a gift. For example, maybe your client may suggest an idea that you never would have thought of because you had too much demo love. Don’t think of them as your clients, think of them as your partners. It’s only natural that some artists, not all, but some, will have a tendency to seek out trusted opinions when creating something anyways...a painter showing a new piece, a musician sharing a new track, scientist sharing a new discovery...And as an agency we provide a partnership and opportunity to make art and content on someone else’s dime. An artist’s dream.


As creative minds, we can spin our wheels forever. So by having some type of guardrails it forces us to make decisions. Without needing to make a decision, I am not sure anything would get done. Somewhere deep down we all thrive under a little pressure. Without it, we wouldn’t get a thrill in what we are making. And hey, diamonds are made under pressure, right?