Create for the Sake of Creating

Create for the sake of creating

By Gina Jee

 Brand Marketing Manager at VSCO

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When Joel Flory and Greg Lutze started VSCO in 2011, they set out to build a company that honored the creator and address the needs of the creative community first and foremost. As a freelance wedding photographer and graphic designer, they felt firsthand the absence of a creator-first platform, and got to work developing a platform that would equip, inspire, and educate everyone on their creative journey.


VSCO supports the creative journey from start to finish — providing photographers with advanced photo editing tools and featureshow-to’s and tutorials on different photography techniques, and a vibrant global community to keep them inspired. Creators on the platform are encouraged to experiment with images, posting whatever inspires them.


Unlike other photo-sharing platforms, we intentionally built VSCO without ads, public likes, comments, and follower counts. We wanted to create a space that encouraged users to create for the sake of creating, removing the pressure of social feedback and quantified judgment. We set out to create a gallery-like experience when viewing images in the feed, where viewers could interpret the work from their own unique perspective, without the influence of social cache and commentary.


Outside of the platform itself, we lead programs and host experiences that support creators. Just recently, we launched VSCO Voices, a six month grant program run in partnership with Access Ventures. The program helps creators use art as their vehicle to empower marginalized communities in the United States, thus driving dialogue and broadening public perspective.


Whether we’re building creative technology or strengthening community programs we’re committed to making space for creators around the world to share their perspective and realize their creative potential.