Carina Chaz, Founder of DedCool



We sat down with Carina Chaz, a young pioneer in the green beauty industry and founder of the uni-sex fragrance brand, DedCool

Shelby Rodriguez @ritualofme

Shelby Rodriguez @ritualofme


SS // Tell us a little bit about your background.

CC // I was born and raised in Los Angeles to two amazing parents. Both were transplants to LA, Mom being from Italy, and Dad being from Chile. You know what they say about foreign parents- They are cooler than all the others. 


In 1987, my family started their green body care company, LaNatura. In the 80’s this was something unheard of. I would consider my parents to be one of the pioneers of green beauty. 


Growing up, the lab was my playground. I was fortunate enough to have a business to fall into but with that being said, at 12 years old I wasn’t interested in skin or body care.

Carina Chaz, Founder of DedCool

Carina Chaz, Founder of DedCool

SS // What inspired you to start DedCool?

CC // Growing up, Coco Chanel had been my icon (strong female figure + shared the CC initials) At 13, I created my very first scent in hopes to create my very own “Coco Chanel no. 5 as a party favor for my bat mitzvah guests. I called it Carina Chaz No. 13. The fragrance was a hit and It had me wanted to create more. 


At 16, I came out with my first line, Carina Chaz, which is still around but my main focus is DedCool. Carina Chaz has amazing scents and cutesy packaging but the brand embodied my younger self. As I blossomed to young adulthood, I wasn’t able to relate to the brand as much. 


DedCool was inspired by my love of male fragrance/green beauty as well as creating something that represented my “edgier” self. I wanted the brand to speak for itself and have truly amazing scents composed of my personal associations. The goal was to disrupt the fragrance industry by introducing a new brand that disconnected from typical mainstream+ non-toxic scents. 


SS // Where does the name DedCool come from?

CC // It’s a funny thing- when creating the DedCool concept I had a book where I wrote down words, names, symbols, anything I could think of. Randomly one day- I said to a friend, “That is Dead Cool” about something and there it was..the DedCool name gave my concept life.


SS // Uni-sex fragrances are becoming more and more popular - where do you think the demand for this comes from?

CC // Personally, my fragrance pallet always carried darker and deeper scents. I always found myself loving more masculine scents. I remember in middle school; all my friends would wear “pink sugar” when I wore ouds. With DedCool, I wanted to create the idea of women wearing mens cologne, but also trying to take the gender of of fragrance. I believe it’s becoming more popular in this day in age as people don’t want to follow the gender divides. Which is rad.  


SS // Your product checks many boxes when it comes to "millennial standards" - vegan, non-toxic, etc. Why was it important for these to be a part of your brand identity?

CC // I want DedCool to be for everyone as well as transparent. As someone who grew up in a green household, I aspire to create an understanding of green beauty and why it is important. Most consumers are unaware of ingredients and products they use daily - I want to inspire all generations to practice well being and self care. 


SS // As a young business owner, what barriers, if any, have you had to overcome to "make it" in the industry?

CC // Being 23 in any industry can be tough. With fragrance, I am competing with the top dogs. People don’t want to accept that someone so young can be the “nose.” I don’t let it get to me anymore. I am passionate about my brand, vision, story, ingredients, and scents and know it will take me far.


SS // Any tips you'd give to young entrepreneurs?

CC // Everything takes time! Nothing can happen over night- so do not get discouraged.


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