Artist Benjamin Ewing


Benjamin Ewing


SS // When did you first get started in art?

BE // I got started very young, my earliest recollection was around age five. My parents strongly encouraged the arts growing up and were always willing to take on projects with me.


SS // You have a very niche artistic style with your pieces, what inspired this?

BE // My style first took hold when I started exploring various mediums and tools to restrict & enforce the work itself. I wanted to create objects that allowed me to slow down, meditate & directly channel those feelings. Every piece since has been made with the same intention and is simply a means for my own meditation. 


SS // What was the first creative gig you ever landed?

BE // Had to think on this one for a minute. If we want to go waaay back… I pitched a deck of album art to my guitar teacher for his band. Created the whole thing in Microsoft Paint. Pretty sure I ended up using that awful typeface ‘Magneto’, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Unfortunately, 9 year old me didn’t have the best archiving system back then. 


SS // Who are some artists you look up to? 

BE // Ricardo Bofill, Anna Koak, Zero Mostel, James Turrell, Gregory Euclide, Frank Lloyd Wright, Kanye West, Charles Rennie Mackintosh… the list goes on. 


SS // We're constantly toiling with the various perspectives of how creative is consumed, and the opinions created around it. Namely, it's down to one persons taste versus another. How would you define your 'taste'? 

BE // Taste is an important & formative part of creating work. It’s difficult for me to define my own taste, as it’s constantly changing and building on itself. Work that’s made with great intention will always win out in things I’m drawn to. Work that offers a solution to a problem or allows momentary escape. Taste surpasses simply knowing what work you’d add to your moodboard, it’s something that touches every aspect of your life. Whether it’s something you see in passing or a painting in a gallery, process all of it. 


SS // You founded Aesthetic Design. Tell us about your agency and how it tied back into your love for art.

BE // Aesthetic was founded to bring the creative process of my own work into a professional context. I wanted to be able to sit down with a client, listen to their needs, opinions & goals and then utilize those items as challenges and framework to dictate the process. Every client gets my full attention and commitment to creating something that is truly theirs. We work primarily with fashion brands to bring editorial content & print collateral to reinforce their brand. We also focus on packaging design & product imagery. 


SS // If you could pass along one bit of advice to a young creative, what would it be? 

BE // Don’t be afraid to make work. Create tirelessly and be honest with yourself. Let your individuality add value to your work, only listen to the opinions of people you respect.


SS // Do you have a muse? 

BE // No. 


SS// Define your work. 

BE // My work is a continued exploration of meditation, materials & relationships. 


SS // Dream project? 

BE // It’s been on my bucket list for awhile, I’d love to be on the creative team for the Olympics some day. It would be an incredible opportunity to evaluate the identity of a city and how it wants to be represented on a global level for such a unifying event.