16 Artists Who Create With Their Hands

16 Artists Who Create With Their Hands


Digital artists are great - but for The Analog Issue we're paying homage to the creatives who keep it old school. See below for a list of our favorite painters, furniture makers, sculptors, ceramicists, set designers and other artists who are creating with their hands.



Painter // New York City

Darcy is a New York based painter and designer who has worked with brands like Conde Nast, Code and Theory, Refinery29 and more. Her work includes abstract acrylic on canvas.

See her work here.


Austyn Weiner

Painter // Los Angeles


Having recently moved her studio from New York to Los Angeles, Austyn is embracing both a physical and mental sense of space. The form, line, and color in her paintings have visually opened up, as she explores the expansive ideas of self; mass, and movement, sexuality, and form.

See her work here.


Ricci Albenda

Painter + Sculptor // New York City


An American contemporary visual artist and sculptor. He specializes in three-dimensional representations of distorted architectural spaces and walls of words.

See his work here.


Lily Blue Goschen

Bespoke Fashion Designer // Los Angeles

London-bred Lily Blue Goschen came from a family of artists - from seamstresses to potters. After experiences traveling and working under renowned couture designers, Lily moved to California to start her own Lily Blue label. She now concentrates on bespoke, hand-stitched fashion pieces for private clients, inspired by classic shapes which Lily Blue sculpts, weaves and stitches into unique works of art.

See her work here.


Benjamin Ewing

Artist // Portland


Ben is a creative director and artist based in Portland, OR. He runs a very cool, elevated design studio called aesthetic, and - in what we can only assume is the wee hours of the night - takes his hand to canvas to create these beautifully simple, yet striking pieces.

See his work here.


Tiffany Cole

Charcoal Artist // Los Angeles


Tiffany Cole combines charcoal and paint to make marvelous mixed medium portraits which often incorporate an unfinished, work-in-progress characteristic that frames and abstracts her subject. Personal favorites: her take on A$AP Rocky and The Boss, Bruce Springsteen.

See her work here.


Kenny Becker

Musician - Painter // Los Angeles


Don't be fooled: the front man of rising, lo-fi noise rock band Goon comes from a fine arts background; a skill he's used while handpainting every one of his band's promotional posters with each fixating on the titular 'Goon' character. The best part? It's worked. The band found their debut single reviewed in the print-edition of Rolling Stone this past fall.

See his work here


Kohshin Finley

Painter // Los Angeles


A true Los Angeles native, Kohshin is the son of gangsta gardener Ron Finley. Kohshin taps into his own history and experiences to create each painting, resulting in paintings being honest and revealing. Kohshin’s most recent works depict people of color as they attempt to answer the question, “how do I survive in America?”

See his work here.


Kristen Liu Wong

Painter + Illustrator // Los Angeles


Bright, thumb-stopping, and utterly unapologetic. Kristen Liu Wong's art is in your face, saying the things that people are too afraid to say in public. The Angeleno's bright aesthetic pairs perfectly with her bold messages.

See her work here.


Sadie Barnette

Mixed Media Artist // Oakland


Oakland-bred Sadie Barnette is a mix-media artist whose work "relishes in 'the everyday' but is also tethered to the other-worldly; a science fiction, an escape, and the space to imagine bigger possibilities." She combines photos, text, glitter, and objects to tell her stories through art.

See her work here.


Allison Kunath

Artist // Venice, CA


If you've seen murals in Venice or Santa Monica that beautifully piece together geometric shapes to form fluid bodies or forms, you've seen Allison's work. She travels frequently to inspire new works, and shift her style and pallette. Her studio works are primarily on paper and canvas, and her murals can be found in the US, Mexico, Panama and Nicaragua.

See her work here.


Laura Soto

Visual Artists // Los Angeles


Laura's part paintings, part installation pieces are comprised of layers and layers of epoxy, acrylic, and sparkle. These shell-like wall pieces are effervescent, delicate, and mysterious - evoking mythologies that explore femininity and the sea. Her work, which utilizes bubbling textures to build up complexity, lives in the gray space between grotesque and stuningly lovely.

See her work here.


Adi Goodrich

Set Designer // Los Angeles


Adi Goodrich takes set design to the next level with life-sized props, patterned walls, and custom flooring for each of her projects. Her work bridges the gap of the art and commercial worlds, bringing shape play and color theory and a serious study of composition to clients like Native Shoes, Target, etc. She is inspired by Bauhaus and admits color influence from Peter Shire and Memphis Group.

See her work here.


Lily Stockman

Painter // Los Angeles + Joshua Tree


Lily Stockman creates large-scale paintings inspired from her color studies in India and in-depth knowledge of botany. Her work combines simplified rounded forms in minimal patterns - the result brings to mind eastern textiles, flower beds, or folk art. She studied painting at Harvard and received her MFA from New York University. Lily is also half of the traditional block printing sister duo, Block Shop Textiles.

See her work here.


Ben Medansky

Ceramicist // Los Angeles


Ben Medansky's ceramics practice can best be described as a playful exploration of brutalist form. His art objects are architectural, sometimes severely geometric but pleasing to the eye - the functionality of the objects is merely a perk.

See his work here.


Kirill Bergart

Artist + Furniture Maker // Los Angeles


Kirill makes collages, paintings, and drawings that combines the geometric abstraction of the early 20th century with the minimalism of the later 60's and 70's. His furniture style is also geometric but leans into the shapes and sensibillity of midcentury modern pieces. He owns and curates a lifestyle store in Silver Lake called County Ltd.

See his work here.